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Strategic Plan 2011-2016

The 2011-2016 Strategic Plan is built on six pillars, each consisting of a number of goals. The pillars and their corresponding goals are:

Pillar 1 - Education

Engage students in an intellectually challenging and diverse learning environment that integrates rich Liberal Arts education with strong goal driven Sciences and Humanities majors and career oriented programs.


  1. Foster the development of program and learning assessment culture across all programs
  2. Establish a uniform approach to academic honesty and issues of integrity in the institution
  3. Set up a new academic organizational structure that will provide all preparatory English language teaching
  4. Establish an English Writing Unit and develop student learning support mechanisms
  5. Build on and extend learning outcomes of the Liberal Arts Curriculum in the learning outcomes of programs
  6. Set up a new academic organizational unit that will manage the Freshman Program
  7. Pursue US/International accreditation of academic programs when applicable and renew NEASC accreditation.
  8. Strengthen action learning and experiential learning in all programs, and grant students credit for such learning when applicable
  9. Intensify the involvement of libraries and IT in the learning process and encourage faculty to collaborate with the Librarians and IT support staff for instructional purposes
  10. Establish Honors programs in select majors offered by the University
  11. Provide support for teaching development of faculty to enhance use of pedagogy that engages students in learning
  12. Strengthen/Establish Assessment Culture throughout University

Pillar 2 - Students

Recruit, retain, and graduate diverse students, who will be effective members of their disciplines, professions and communities.


  1. Target top students from all segments of Lebanese society and abroad to meet program enrollment numbers
  2. Provide more effective Orientation, Advising and Registration services for incoming and continuing students
  3. Empower students through governance, athletics, internships, clubs and leadership opportunities
  4. Provide more targeted career and placement services

Pillar 3 - Faculty

Recruit, retain, and foster the development of distinguished educators and scholars


  1.   Recruit faculty to achieve 70% full time faculty ratio or school specific appropriate targets;
  2. Develop University and school structures to expand research capacity and scholarly activities
  3. Establish school based faculty workload
  4. Implement school specific faculty governance and management structures that will foster a collegiate atmosphere and effective operations
  5. Subscribe to a high impact performance reward system
  6. Establish school based faculty salary structure

Pillar 4 - Outreach

Extend LAU’s academic, professional and social services beyond the confines of its campuses and provide opportunities for students and faculty to expand their university experience to the community and abroad.


  1. Establish and strengthen full services for student study abroad and international exchange agreements
  2. Make LAU a destination for foreign students
  3. Encourage academic programming and support faculty who include social responsibility and civic engagement in courses
  4. Provide LAU students with civic engagement opportunities to enhance their sense of social responsibility
  5. Expand Continuing Education courses off-campus and across Lebanon
  6. Ensure that LAU Institutes fulfill their Outreach mandates

Pillar 5 - Areas of Focus

Identify and target substantive areas of University strength that correspond to national and regional needs and nurture initiatives that are responsive to those needs.


  1. Develop academic majors, minors and areas of concentration that are responsive to workforce needs in the health services sector, particularly in supportive fields such as business, engineering and information technology, architecture, and natural and social sciences
  2. Commit to introduce Green curricula in relevant majors and adopt a University culture that contributes to environmental sustainability
  3. Strengthen the design, creative and performing arts programs at LAU to ensure that they are distinctive in Lebanon
  4. Strengthen the gender perspective in all disciplines and programs in line with LAU’s distinctive heritage
  5. Capitalize on our leadership role in Lebanon on conflict resolution, mediation and peace studies

Pillar 6 - Graduate Studies & Research

Develop, sustain and enhance University graduate programs and research capacity.


  1. Develop a Strategic Plan for Graduate Studies & Research


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