A quantitative analysis of the economic contributions of LAU to the ongoing development of Lebanon’s national economy

map Beirut Byblos

LAU contributed
$897 million
into the Lebanese Economy for the fiscal year 2015–2016

The Multiplier Effect

LAU spent $209 million in labor income in 2015
and opened 9,570 employment opportunities.

$85 million  salaries, educational and health benefits  $93 million  operations  $31 million  capital projects, construction and innovation 

But our impact on the local economy is far greater than our direct spending.

It includes such factors as jobs, salaries and sales of the businesses from which LAU purchases its goods and services. These are further multiplied by jobs, salaries and sales at the next level of recipient businesses.

Finally, LAU employees’ household spending adds an “induced” impact.

All of which added up to
$897 million.

Out-of-Country Students

LAU attracts many students from outside Lebanon. The direct, indirect and induced impact of their spending — on housing, food, entertainment, transportation, etc. — has a strong impact on the local economy.

Upon graduation, those Lebanese students who go abroad for employment tend to send remittances to Lebanon, further boosting the economy.

In 2015–2016, LAU’s out-of-country students spent nearly
$31 million.

In 2015, the total direct, indirect and induced impact of their spending was
$61.8 million.

A Major Economic Force:
Employment and Expenditures

Most of LAU’s revenues find their way into the economy through the university’s various expenditure channels. These include salaries and benefits to employees, and payments to local businesses in exchange for goods and services, including for the maintenance and expansion of LAU’s physical facilities.

$85 million $93 million $31 million

In addition to salaries, LAU offers its full-time employees valuable benefits, including:

Quick Numbers

Increase in expenditures for goods and services 2011–2016

$30 million
Amount spent on learning/training for employees 2011–2015

$170 million
Amount spent on campus construction, renovation and capital expenditures

Increase in financial aid allocations 2011–2016 (to $27 million)

$422 million
LAU’s endowment in 2015. This fund partially supports LAU’s local spending

Employment opportunities created on the Byblos campus in 2015

Employment opportunities created on the Beirut campus in 2015

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