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Third Strategic Plan (SPIII) 2017 – 2022

The 2017-2022 Strategic Plan is built on three pillars, each consisting of a number of goals. The pillars and their corresponding goals are:

Pillar 1 - Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management

Includes capacity building in the domain of knowledge generation, accumulation, and deployment for the purpose of enhancing LAU’s stature as a source of scholarly endeavors to a point that propels it significantly towards assuming a lead role among institutions of higher learning locally and regionally with clear global visibility. This pillar touches upon faculty numbers, intellectual contribution, research output, graduate programs, and leveraging our intellectual resources through internal and external interfaces.


  1. Improve Research Quality and Output
  2. Launch New UG and Graduate Degrees
  3. Support IP Initiatives and Patents
  4. Invest in Research Centric Faculty Development
  5. Recruit Top-Tier Faculty

Pillar 2 - Pedagogical Innovation and Integrated Delivery

This pillar addresses ways and means to enlarge and accelerate the already started process of pedagogical innovation touching all aspects of delivery process; course planning, classroom learning, and multi-dimensional assessment. It focuses on development needed by LAU to become a hub of creativity and innovation to sustain a vibrant learning environment whereby the entire university body becomes a community of learners.


  1. Support Delivery-Centered Faculty Development
  2. Promote Innovative Pedagogical Initiatives
  3. Enhance Integrity and Ethics across Academia
  4. Improve Assessment Systems

Pillar 3 - LAU without Borders

This pillar seeks to put LAU on a path toward expanding its academic and professional impact beyond Lebanon into the region and further afield. Its crux is examining and recommending options for LAU to penetrate other national education environments through degrees abroad or foreign branches based on partnerships. Part of Pillar Three as well is to invigorate the already existing nucleus of entrepreneurial culture at LAU to make the institution a major provider of consulting services in all areas of expertise available within the university. While this pillar is initially intended for branding and positioning purposes, it is also expected to set the university on a course that will start the process of diversifying revenue sources away from the current overdependence on tuition fees. This will be humble and modest at first but with a real potential for picking up later.


  1.   Establish External Degree & Non-Degree Programs and Branch Campuses outside Lebanon
  2. Promote a Network of Academic and Corporate Alliances
  3. Encourage Faculty Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Initiatives within University Framework



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