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About Us

Mission Statement

The Department of Institutional Research and Assessment at the Lebanese American University collects, analyzes, warehouses, and disseminates data about the continuum of functions of the institution - educational, administrative and support. It ensures the integrity and consistency of information for official reporting  and provides support for the institution’s decision-makers in planning, policy formulation, assessment and institutional effectiveness initiatives.


Within the stated mission, the goals of the Department of Institutional Research and Assessment are as follows:

  1. Support evidence-based decision making
  2. Oversee institutional reporting.
  3. Strengthen assessment culture throughout university.

What is Institutional Research?

Institutional research has to do with what decision makers need to know about an institution’s mission, goals, environmental factors, processes and structures to successfully attain its mission and goals, to strengthen operations management, to guide planning processes, and to demonstrate integrity and accountability in so doing.

At the core of a ‘quality’ institutional research function is the ability to affect change by adding value to facts in, on, and about an institution, leading the institution towards becoming a true learning organization.

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